Labor & Birth Story

- I'm on call starting at 38 weeks
- Photography during active labor until 2 hours postpartum
- 80+ hand-edited images
- Access to online gallery
- Complimentary Maternity, Fresh 48, Family, or Postpartum Lifestyle session

Starting from $1200

Fresh 48 Session

- An in home or in birth center/hospital photo journalism session
- 2 hours of coverage
- 40+ hand-edited images
- Access to online gallery for you to view, download, and order products

Starting from $500

Postpartum Lifestyle

- 90 minutes of in-home family lifestyle type session
- Session to be scheduled anytime between 48 hours to 8 weeks postpartum
- 25-30 hand-edited images
- video consultation

Starting at $550


Why should I hire a birth photographer?

When one is asked 'What was the best day of your life?', typically the answer would be: the day you got married or the day your child was born. Consider this...would you want your parents, a friend, or your partner taking pictures of your wedding day on their phone? I'm almost POSITIVE the answer is no. So why should an equally important event, like the birth of your child, be any different?

Hiring me as part of your birth team ensures that you are getting those quality images of those special moments and details you're looking for. This also allows your support person to be free to do what they are there for...SUPPORTING YOU. As a professional birth photographer, I have the knowledge of how to navigate small (sometimes darker) spaces that normally describes birth spaces. And with all of these variables, still be able to deliver you quality images from one of the most major milestones in your lifetime.

How does the Labor & Birth story option work?

It all starts with a simple submission with our contact form below. We will set up a time for a free consultation via phone or video chat. We discuss the details of your vision and how I can make that happen for you and your family. I go on call for you starting at 38 weeks. Once active labor has begun, you keep me updated and let me know when it's time for me to make my way to you. I stay right by your side until 1-2 hours after your little one has made it earth side. This allows time for nursing, family meeting the new baby, and other parenthood photos.

What's the difference between a Fresh 48 session and a Raw Postpartum Session?

With a Fresh 48 session, we primarily focus on your newborn and some of the parents' firsts and is also more posed. A Postpartum session is normally in the comfort of your own home and is more a candid lifestyle shoot. It focuses on not only your new bundle of joy but the life that now surrounds them. This means capturing you and your beautiful family in its full realness. For some this means mesh diapers, 25/7 nursing, dirty diapers, living in sweats, and maybe even shedding tears (whether happy or sad). Also, unlike our Fresh 48 session, your Postpartum session can take place any time between the first 48 hours after birth through 6 weeks. This part of your journey is probably one of the most sentimental. You'll look back on theses images and tear up every time.

When should I book?

Honestly, as soon as possible. I go on call for you 2 weeks before your due date so you want to make sure I have my calendar clear for you at that time. Also, due to the nature of birth photography, I am limited to the number families I can commit to per month and my calendar can fill up months prior.