i did my first birth film!

And pictures too on ONE camera! I'm giving myself all the pats on the back.

So for anyone that knows birth photography...or probably any type of photography for that matter...you know that taking on such a feat can be a lot, especially when you're more of a newbie to birth photography/video, such as myself. So a recent birth client of mine asked if I did video along with pictures and I was honest and let her know that although I'd filmed and edited footage from events before, I've never done birth films. I told her I'd love the opportunity to try and she agreed. I was shook!

I've always loved watching birth films from some of my faves that I follow, but once I committed to doing this video for her, I took in 10 times as many videos as I normally do. Just looking for inspiration, what shots to get, whether to incorporate still images, how long or short should I make it, etc. It was a lot that I was considering and became overwhelmed with entire idea. But I had to take a step back and remember that I'm the creative and fully equipped to do a damn good job at this. So instead of mimicking what I saw or heard other people do, I followed my heart and my gut. I wanted to demonstrate the strength and love that I felt, saw, and heard while in this mama's space. I'm so proud of what I was able to accomplish, especially this early in my birth photography journey and I just hope that I was able to effectively portray the awes inspiring moment in time that was this birth.

So yeah, there's a first for everything...my first birth film AND my first blog post! I hope that both can be enjoyed.